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Tobacco & Shisha

Coco avana coconut charcoal cubes for shisha
-11 %
Model: sh-76
Coco avana coconut charcoal cubes for shisha 800G..
$3.30 $3.70
Coco Nay Shisha charcoal Cubes 1Kg Coco Nay Shisha charcoal Cubes 1Kg
-11 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: sh-77
Coco Nay Shisha charcoal Cubes 1Kg• Coco Nay Shisha charcoal cubes, 1Kg• Made from natural coconut husks• Odorless and smokeless• Specifically designed for use with shisha and incense• Compact and durable construction• Loaded with advanced features• Proper and secure packaging included..
$2.50 $2.80
Model: SU-1104
Mazaya blueberry molasses 10• Mazaya Blueberry Exotica Molasses Tobacco• Godsend for lovers of original, interesting, and unique tastes• Can create unique mixes based on it• Excellent quality and light draw• Medium-soft strength, not bitter• Pleasant aftertaste• Affordable price..
$1.20 $1.30
Model: su-88
Natural GrapeHigh quality french tobaccopremium products made in Jordan.50g box.Mazaya’s Tobacco-Molasses is distinguished by its unique ingredients that include: premium quality French tobacco, medical glycerin, pure honey and natural flavors food grade (alcohol-free)...
$1.20 $1.30
Brand: Sharweh Model: sh-78
Nara Golden Cube 400g• Nara Golden Cube 400g• Premium quality• Compact and durable• Ideal for various applications• Versatile usage• Convenient size• Eye-catching design• Enhances decor• Easy to clean• Great value for money..
$2.90 $3.20
Brand: Perla Model: mkt-31000
Discover the ultimate shisha experience with Perla Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil Roll, designed explicitly for shisha/hookah smoking. This premium-quality foil roll ensures long-lasting, enjoyable smoke and maintains your shisha's unique taste and aroma. The 5-meter length offers a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for every hookah enthusiast. Upgrade your smoking experience with Perla Foil Roll, perfect for individual and group use.Specially designed for shisha/hookah smokingPremium-quality aluminium for superior smokeHeavy-duty foil for enhanced durability50-meter roll for cost-effective, long-lasting useAllows heat to pass through, preserving shisha's taste and aromaEasy to use and compatible with most hookah setupsIdeal for individual and group sessions..
$1.20 $1.30
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