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Alecto  - Video baby monitor with 4.3" colour display, black Alecto Baby’s DVM149 baby monitor with camera always helps you keep a close eye on your child. This baby monitor consists of a camera and a large 4.3" screen, has the energy-saving Full Eco mode and is finished off in stylish black. This baby monitor with camera from Alecto Baby is the ideal solution for new parents! You always hear and see your baby through a secure connection. This way you do not have to constantly check whether everything is going well, as the baby monitor does that for you! Additionally, it has great sound quality and a clear colour image, 24 hours a day. You can expand the Alecto Baby DVM149 baby monitor to four cameras (DVM149C). It’s ideal for parents with several children, so you can always watch and hear your children using the rechargeable parent unit (which lasts up to..
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Alecto - Baby monitor Full Eco Dect, white/anthracite Simple Full Eco DECT baby monitor, always perfect sound quality. It is always wonderful to know your baby is sleeping safely. With this full Eco DECT baby monitor you can be assured this is the case. You can hear all the sounds your little baby is making, the wonderful sounds of waking and sleeping and the conversation with their teddy bear. Thanks to the crystal-clear sound quality and interference free connection you will never miss a moment. The DBX-115 full eco DECT baby monitor is packed with features and has an energy saving ECO mode, this saves on battery time and reduces radiation since the baby monitor will only transmit once there is sound. DECT means: Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication   Specifications Brand: Alecto Origin: Netherland Color: White-Anthracite  Material: plastic Mains a..
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Alecto - Full Eco Dect baby monitor with display, white/blue DBX-88 ECO: Just a great baby monitor for the best price If you are looking for a reliable and highly effective baby monitor! If you want a safe and secure way to hear you baby! If you want a device without any unnecessary additions! If you want a baby monitor that is easy to use and offers a great quality! All of this you will find in the Alecto Baby DBX-88 ECO. The DBX-88 ECO has been a huge success in the Netherlands. For years this model has been at the top of the best-selling list within baby monitors. It is likely that if you speak to Dutch parents, they will tell you about the DBX-88 ECO. The DECT connection is 100% secure and interference free, this way you will always know if your baby needs you. There is also a LED gauge to indicate how much sound your baby makes, so there is no need to have volume always on maximum. ..
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Alecto - Full Eco Dect baby monitor, white/blue DBX-85 ECO: Just a great baby monitor for the best price If you are looking for a reliable and highly effective baby monitor! If you want a safe and secure way to hear you baby! If you want a device without any unnecessary additions! If you want a baby monitor that is easy to use and offers a great quality! All of this you will find in the Alecto Baby DBX-85GS. The DBX-85 belongs to the ECO-range. This means the radiation from this baby monitor is very low. There is no need to keep charging the Parent unit as there is a long battery life. The unit can be used for 24 hours, with just one single charge. If you move the monitor to the bedroom, you can always be the first to hear your baby when it makes a noise. If the battery is low, you will receive a warning. This way you are always reassured that the baby monitor is operating perfectly and ..
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Alecto - Video baby monitor with 2.4" colour display, white No matter where you are in your home, with the Alecto Baby DVM-71 Baby phone with Camera, you will have a crystal-clear image and quality sound to keep track of your baby. The DVM-71 will notify you about the activities of your little one(s). While your little one is napping, you will be perfectly aware when you are in the kitchen or garden. This Baby phone will give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your baby is sleeping peacefully. This is something you can expect from this baby phone. The Camera on this baby phone is practical, but also a lot of fun! The colour screen in the parent unit 2,4” (about 6 centimetres) will provide you with a crystal-clear image, even in the dark at night with the clear night vision mode. Enjoy looking at your little wonder, as they drop off to sleep. The DVM-71 is supplied with 1 cam..
$166.50 $224.78
Alecto - Wi-fi baby monitor with camera - White/Grey With the Alecto SMARTBABY10 Wi-Fi baby monitor, you can monitor your baby from anywhere via your smartphone/tablet. Convenient, when the babysitter is home, and you just want to see how your little one is doing. Always and everywhere be informed via your smartphone/tablet. The Alecto SMARTBABY10 is an HD camera (resolution 1920 x 1080p), so it has a perfect image. The Wi-Fi camera can be moved remotely from the app, which is useful with a mobile baby or when they are a bit older. The night mode makes it possible to get a sharp picture of your little one, even in pitch darkness. The built-in speaker prevents you from having to go directly to the nursery, you can easily reassure your child with the talk-back function. The Alecto SMARTBABY10 is also equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, easy to read in the a..
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Alecto - Wi-fi baby monitor with camera - White The Alecto Baby SMARTBABY5 Wi-Fi baby monitor, with camera, allows you to keep an eye on your child everywhere using your smartphone or tablet. This smart baby monitor, with HD camera, offers an excellent image and sound quality. Even in the dark, you have a clear image. The SMARTBABY5 Wi-Fi baby monitor will automatically send a notification on your phone or tablet when there is movement or if you baby cries, so there is no need to constantly actively view the app. You can easily connect the SMARTBABY5 to your own Wi-Fi network. The baby monitor has a secure connection. Not only using Wi-Fi, but also via mobile internet such as 5G, 4G or 3G. Only those with access to the app also have access to the camera.   Specifications Brand: Alecto Origin: Netherland Color: white Material: plastic Product place..
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Visual Door Viewer SFDD1   2.8INCH LCD Screen  120 Degree angle Door bell function Micro SD support Battery 1.5V AAAx4 Night Vision: Yes Internal storage: 8MB Screen Spec: HD 320*240 Pixel: 30M View angle: 100° Infrared night vision: yes Storage: Internal storage Door hole diameter: 14-28MM Suitable door thickness: 35-120MM..
$52.00 $60.00
Wireless 2.4'' LCD Audio Video Baby Monitor VB605   High contrast 2.4" inch full-color LCD Voice Activation Talk back function Room Temperature display Feeding alarm Long battery life Night vision Frequency: 2.4GHz Digital Modulation Mode: GFSK Operation temperature:-10c to+45c Range: 200m in an open field Multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkey, Russian LCD Monitor: 2.4inch TFT LCD Resolution: 320*240@20fps Battery: li-polymer 750mAh Camera Sensor: 0.3mega pix CMOS Minimum illumination: 0LUX(IR ON) Night vision distance: 15ft(5m) Lighting Sensor Temperature sensor Dimensions: 67*105*67mm..
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