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Brand: Soskin Model: RC-Royal8
My Royal Corner Bundle 8Soskin Gentle Purifying Lotion:Soskin Gentle Purifying Lotion removes impurities and prevents the appearance of imperfections on the skin.The pores are less visible and the skin acquires a matte appearance.The skin regains its softness and elasticity.It has a light and refreshing texture.Soskin Mattifying Gel-Cream:Hyaluronic acid with smoothing and moisturizing effects, helps to restore skin comfort. Shine-control and absorbent powders. noticeable results: Skin instantly reflects less light (optical correction).Its fluid, fresh, quickly-absorbed texture leaves skin comforted...
$28.00 $30.80
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO071
Soskin Body Scrub Cream 250mlExfoliating scrub for all skin types.NOTICEABLE RESULTS: Rids the skin of roughness and dead cells to prevent appearance of imperfections and ingrowing hairs. Allows easyhair removal. Gel texture, easy to rinse.Made in France. Dermatologically tested...
$24.40 $26.90
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO006
Soskin CC Color Control 3 IN 1 Cream Spf30 02 GoldCovers wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation flaws, redness and residual marks with a broad spectrum sunscreen protection.Ultra-smoothing and imperceptible texture.Type of skin: All skin typesThis formula is including a broad spectrum sunscreen protection to prevent from early skin ageing caused by UV exposure and brown spots which may appear by time. ..
$25.00 $27.50
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO50
Soskin Cover MD foundation cream spf 30 - coolHigh tolerance corrective make-up. Camouflages imperfections, redness and residual marks. Non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.• Smoothes / Moisturises / Protects• Unifies the complexion without clogging the pores.• Modular coverage. Universal shades...
$25.00 $27.50
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO021
Soskin Eye Contour Filler 15mlActs at the root of lines and wrinkles in the upper layers of the skin to diminish the look of deep-set wrinkles and smooth fine lines...
$33.30 $36.00
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO46
Soskin Eye Peeling Patch with 10% Lactic Acid10% Lactic acid Patch with each use the texture of the skin is smoothed. Acts to lighten the pigmentation of dark circles,preserves hydration and skin elasticity around the eyes.Fight wrinkle , Fine Lines and pigmentation..
$34.00 $37.40
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO066
Soskin Hydrawear Lightweight moisturizing Care 60mlType of skin: Combination to oily skinMoisturizes, fights against skin reactivity and reduces the appearance of rednessNormal to combination skin. Fresh, melt-in skincare, inspired by the epidermal structure to intensely moisturise and fight against skin reactivity...
$24.40 $26.90
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO47
Soskin Lip Repairlips protector & brightness , restore the shape of the lips with Apricot FlavorAnti Oxidant and Deeply Moisturizing Non Sticky on lips99.85% NaturalPreservative FreeNo SiliconNo Chemical UV Filte..
$17.00 $18.70
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO49
Soskin Micellar Cleansing foam 100mlType of skin: Normal to combination skinFresh, melt-in skincare, inspired by the epidermal structure to intensely moisturise and fight against skin reactivity...
$12.20 $13.40
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO40
Soskin N-Botox Serum 30mlRelaxes and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles before they settled permanently giving blurring look of skin micro-relief and fine lines.Every morning, expression lines are faded-out, the skin feels relaxed and looks smoother, face features appear younger. Ultra-smoothing and imperceptible texture...
$38.90 $42.70
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO029
Soskin Purifying Mask 60mlRestores, soothes the skin, tightens the pores and refines the texture of the skin– Green Clay with absorbent and purifying properties.– Allantoin, Sulphur and Cucumber extracts with soothing properties.– Kaolin (White Clay), smoothing efficacy, tightens pores, improves skin appearance.– A trio of avocado, jojoba and wheat germ oils. The skin is intensely nourished to restore suppleness and softness...
$21.10 $23.20
Brand: Soskin Model: RC- SO48
Soskin soothing eye contour care 15mlLightweight gel texture with a refreshing effect relieves bags and dark circles under the eyes. Suitable for makeup and contact lens wearers. Restores the comfort of the moving eyelid, reduces puffiness...
$24.40 $26.90
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SOO02
Soskin SOSKIN CLARIFYING FLUID SPF 25Helps to reduce the appearance of visible spots and emerging spots and provides moisture and suppleness to the skinUneven, dull complexion, dark spot..
$33.30 $36.60
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SOO01
Soskin Sun Spray Very High Protection Spf50+Light and colorless mist when applied, nongreasy finish. Efficiency, safety, and pleasure. Made in France. Dermatologically tested...
$21.10 $23.20
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO123
Soskin Super Moisturizing Mask 75mlReplenishes the skin with moisture and nutrients and restores the skin barrier and soothe discomfortAn incredibly fresh mask for an optimal hydration. Its texture soft, creamy, helps to prevent dryness, dehydration. The skin becomes soft and dewy after use...
$21.10 $23.20
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SO036
Soskin Ultra-Emollient cream 500mlCalms feeling of tightness and itching for a more comfortable and less reactive skin. Melting and nourishing texture, penetrates immediately to allow a quick clothing...
$22.20 $24.50
Brand: Soskin Model: RC-SOO04
Soskin Whitening Body Lotion And Sensitive Area 150mlUnifies pigmented areas, brown spots: Rubbing areas (knees, elbows, armpits, thighs, groin), post-shave, post-waxing, post-cosmetic surgery, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation...
$32.80 $36.10
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