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Awfar Together( Fire AFO Extinguishing Ball+	Security Alarm System .
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• Awfar Together: Fire AFO Extinguishing Ball + Security Alarm System• Includes motion detector, external siren, and door/window sensor• Comes with 2 remote controls and a controller panel• Provides peace of mind against fires and intruders• Ensures early detection and quick response to potential threats• Reliable and effective fire extinction with the AFO Extinguishing Ball• High-quality security alarm system for enhanced safety• Suitable for residential and commercial spaces...
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Fire AFO Extinguisher Ball Fire AFO Extinguisher Ball
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• Self-activates in the presence of fire within 3-5 seconds   • Requires no special maintenance for 5 years   • Emits loud 101 decibel fire alarm upon activation   • Lightweight and portable at 1.5 kg   • Safe and harmless to humans and the environment   • Can be wall-mounted or manually operated   • Covers a 360-degree angle and 70-80 sq ft area   • Can extinguish solid, liquid, and electrical fires   • Easy to carry and use with a diameter of 144 mm   • 100% bio-degradable and no wiring or ducting required   • Suitable for use in cars, homes, factories, warehouses, and more..
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