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Head Light Head Light
-47 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ME-104
A small light that fits on the head against water, it has a magnet on the sideComes with a charge link..
$8.00 $15.00
Multi-Funcional Sports Hilking BackPack Multi-Funcional Sports Hilking BackPack
-17 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ME-100
A bag of 4 pieces, very high quality, arranged against water and heat   A large bag with 3 small pieces that can be carried in a cage or installed in itColors: black, beige..
$35.00 $42.00
Brand: Waffershop Model: SO-9
Swimmig Goggles• Clear plastic goggles with rubber/silicone rims• Snug fit with rubber band for secure seal• Prevents water contact with eyes..
$1.90 $2.00
Yoga Mat 5mm Yoga Mat 5mm
-47 %
Model: T-27
Yoga Mat 5mm• Yoga Mat 5mm• Eco Friendly• Size: 173x61cm/ thickness 5mm• Comfortable and supportive• Protects joints• Suitable for yoga, floor exercises, pilates• Lightweight and durable• Non-slip surface for confident movement• Prevents slipping on different types of floors• Easy to roll up and carry• Washable• PVC-free..
$8.00 $15.00
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