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Brand: Waffershop Model: wf-3
Aquapaw pet bathing tool• Aquapaw pet bathing tool• Combines water sprayer and bath scrubber• Innovative design• Ergonomic one-size-fits-all• Straps securely to either hand..
$6.70 $7.30
Model: su-89
Auto clean pet brush• Efficiently cleans and grooms pets• Automatic cleaning function saves time and effort• Removes loose hair and prevents matting• Suitable for all types of fur and hair lengths• Comfortable grip handle for easy use• Promotes a healthy coat and reduces shedding• Durable and long-lasting design• Compact and portable for on-the-go grooming..
$21.30 $23.40
Model: su-1
Dustpan & brush set• Dustpan & brush set• Plastic material• Small size• Soft-grip handle for hand protection• Sturdy synthetic bristles for heavy duty cleaning..
$2.70 $2.90
Model: su-888
feeding scoop• Large plastic feeding scoop/shovel• Dimensions: 30x12x18cm• Made of durable plastic material..
$2.70 $2.90
Model: su-72
Felix purina good wet cat food with tuna in jelly 85g• 85g size• Made with tuna• Jelly texture• High quality cat food• From Felix Purina..
$1.00 $1.10
Felix Purina Wet Cat Food With Tuna 85g Felix Purina Wet Cat Food With Tuna 85g
-11 %
Model: SU-700
Felix Purina Wet Cat Food With Tuna 85g• Felix Purina Wet Cat Food (85g)• Contains tender meaty chunks of Tuna• Mix of Mackerel, Salmon, Chicken, Sardine, and Tuna jelly• Rich in Vitamins D & E and essential minerals• Best wet cat food with Omega Fatty acids..
$0.80 $0.90
Model: su-73
Friskies dry cat food chicken and vegetables for adult cats 1.5kg• Friskies dry cat food: chicken and vegetables• Ingredients: cereals, meat, vegetables, fish, minerals, yeast• Cat food for adult cats• Weight: 1.5kg• Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight• Friskies Adult provides essential nutrition and great taste• Safety warning: Do not use if seal is broken...
$8.00 $8.80
Model: su-75
Friskies purina dry cat food salmon & vegetables 1.7kg• Friskies Purina dry cat food• Salmon & vegetables flavor• 1.7kg bag size..
$7.90 $8.70
Brand: Waffershop Model: su-81
Goody adult dry cat food meat• Adult dry cat food• Meat-based formula• High-quality ingredients• Balanced and complete nutrition• Promotes healthy digestion• Supports strong immune system• Helps maintain ideal weight• Enhances coat and skin health• Great taste that cats love..
Model: mkt-30
I love my cat chunk wet cat food tuna can• Delicious tuna flavor• High-quality wet cat food• Specially formulated for cats• Packed with essential nutrients• Convenient can packaging• Loved by cats worldwide• Promotes a healthy coat and digestion• Trusted brand for cat owners• Suitable for all cat breeds..
$1.00 $1.10
Model: mkt-7099
I love my cat chunks wet cat food turkey & kidney can..
$1.00 $1.10
Brand: Waffershop Model: mkt-80
I love my dog chunk with chicken wet dog food• High-quality wet dog food• Made with real chicken• Provides essential nutrients for dogs• Delicious and satisfying for your furry friend• Perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds• Supports overall health and wellbeing• Convenient and easy to serve..
$1.00 $1.10
I love my dog chunks with chicken 400g I love my dog chunks with chicken 400g
-11 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: mkt-530455
I love my dog chunks with chicken 400g• Complete and balanced dog food• Contains essential vitamins and minerals• Made with natural chicken chunks• From famous Italian brand I Love My Dog• Based on a 2000 calorie diet..
$2.50 $2.80
Miglior croquettes with chicken and turkey cat dry food 2kg Miglior croquettes with chicken and turkey cat dry food 2kg
-33 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: SU-01104
Miglior croquettes with chicken and turkey cat dry food 2kg• Miglior croquettes with chicken and turkey• 2kg package• Migliorgatto Adult Cat Food• Formula with key nutrients• Includes vitamins and Omega 3• Supports bone and teeth health• Promotes healthy skin and coat• Helps maintain toned musculature..
$10.00 $15.00
Brand: Waffershop Model: P-222
Miglior Gatto  Bocconcini Con Manzo With Beef 400g..
$1.00 $1.10
Miglior Gatto Welness Dry Cat Food With Fish 400g Miglior Gatto Welness Dry Cat Food With Fish 400g
-13 %
Model: SU-701
Miglior Gatto Welness Dry Cat Food With Fish 400g• Complete and balanced food for adult cats• Contains essential ingredients for nutrition• Promotes healthy digestion• Provides overall wellness for your cat• Size: 400g..
$1.30 $1.50
Model: su-71
Miglior gatto wet cat food with beef & carrots pouch 100g• High-quality wet cat food• Contains beef and carrots• Comes in a convenient 100g pouch..
$0.60 $0.60
Model: su-72
Miglior gatto wet cat food with cat food with chicken & turkey pouch 100g• High-quality wet cat food• Contains chicken and turkey• Convenient pouch packaging• 100g serving size..
$0.60 $0.60
Model: su-85
Modern shaggy small rug• Modern shaggy small rug• Soft and comforting feel• Durable wool-mix material• Suitable for rooms with underfloor heating• Perfect gift for pets..
$6.70 $7.30
Pet carrier pt 100 Pet carrier pt 100
-33 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: SU-3212
Pet carrier pt 100• Pet carrier pt 100• Safe and comfortable travel for your pets• Suitable for all public transport vehicles• Strong carrying handle• Easy storage with disassembled structure• Ventilation grilles• Lockable plastic grill cover• Elevator feet prevent ground contact• Dimensions: 32.5 x 48 x 31cm..
$12.00 $18.00
Model: su-90
VGR Rechargeable Hair Clipper For Pets (V-098)The pets shaver has premium steel blade to stay sharp and ensure easy trimming...
$28.00 $30.70
Model: su-2
Sticky pro new version• New version of Sticky Pro• Original product with warranty from USHOP• Helps to groom and comfort pets• Removes hair and lint from pets, furniture, and clothes with just one touch...
$8.00 $8.80
Thomas cat litter 5kg
-30 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: SU-9460
Thomas cat litter 5kg• Thomas cat litter 5kg• Natural mineral composition• Clean, dependable, high quality• Highly absorbent, reduces odors• Non-sticky grains, no mess on paws or coat..
$3.50 $5.00
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