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  L'oreal Paris Elvive Mask Dream Length Jar Saviour Hair Mask with Vitamins, Castor Oil, and Vegetal Proteins Rescues damaged locks and reinforces hair Nourishes and adds shine to hair Size: 300ml..
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Seventeen Dream Glow Mask 50 ML What is it ?  Nighttime magic for a morning makeover! ???? Experience the transformative power of DreamGlow gel-cream night mask, designed to nourish, smooth out fine lines, and enhance skin texture and tone while you’re sleeping. Its unique formula repairs and boosts the protective skin barrier diminishing irritations and replenishing precious skin moisture. Wake up to a radiant, velvety-smooth complexion and feel as rejuvenated as if you’ve slept 8 hours straight!   Benefits Niacinamide: evens out skin tone & reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and redness Polyglutamic acid: a polypeptide that offers intense hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents water loss Prebiotics: strengthens skin barrier & reduces skin sensitivity Hibiscus extract: ..
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Seventeen Radiance Express Masque 25ML What Is It? Add impressive, natural glow to your skin in just a few minutes! Radiance Express mask immediately rejuvenates skin, in just 15 minutes! Enriched with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients, it restores skin’s natural radiance and tone removing pollution, excess sebum and black spots. It balances the skin’s pH and calms irritations offering a fresh, radiant and healthy complexion.    Benefits White Peony extract: glow & rejuvenation Moringa extract: antioxidant action Tasmanian Pepper Berry extract: soothing action  White Clay: sebum regulation & pore control Yellow Clay: deep cleansing & toning  Bisabolol: anti-inflammatory action Apricot oil: anti-aging & hydrating properties   How to use? Apply on cleansed skin avoiding eyes and l..
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  • ACM Novophane Capsules: 180 capsules • Acts on nail and hair beauty simultaneously • Restores strength and vigor to hair and nails • Helps with temporary or seasonal hair loss and damage • Strengthens fragile, soft, doubled, or brittle nails • Contains a complete formula with amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and plant-based silicon • Promotes healthy and resistant hair and nails • Biotin and zinc maintain beautiful hair • Zinc maintains beautiful nails • Vitamin B6 aids in cysteine synthesis • Copper supports normal hair pigmentation..
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  • In-depth care and recovery for damaged hair • Helps solve the problem of dryness and split ends • Increases strength and elasticity of weak, color-treated and dry hair • Works best when used with other REVUELE Argan Oil hair products..
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  • Beesline Express 9 Hair Oils Mask • Concern: Dry & Damaged Hair • Revitalizes & nourishes hair • Suitable for dyed, dry, or damaged hair • Gives a healthy look & feel..
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  • Moisture balance restoration for dry & lifeless hair • Enhances vibrancy and smoothness • Eliminates static flow • Express formula for quick results..
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  • Effectively treats scaly skin conditions and itching of the scalp • Targets both oily and dry dandruff • Specifically formulated to fight against scalp conditions • Comes in a convenient 250ml size • Promotes a healthy and revitalized scalp..
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  • For occasional hair loss in women and men • Proven anti-hair loss efficacy • Stimulates hair regrowth • Restores density, strength, and resistance • Suitable for post-pregnancy and breastfeeding women • Suitable for sensitive scalps left by cancer treatments • Effective for stress-related hair loss, fatigue, and medicinal treatments • 60ml bottle size..
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  • 30ml size • Stimulates hair growth • Nourishes hair bulb • Fortifies scalp • Revitalizes hair • Tonifying and rebalancing properties..
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  • Lasting elimination of dandruff • Quick soothing of the scalp • Complete formula against severe dandruff • Prevents recurrence • Weekly application for long-term prevention..
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  • DUCRAY Kelual DS cream • Reduces scales and purifies skin • Ideal for sebo-squamous areas on scalp and face • Prevents scales and irritations • Efficacy proven over 8 weeks..
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  • DUCRAY Nutricerat Nutrition mask 150ml • Intense nourishment for your hair • Repairs and restructures hair in-depth • Restores softness and shine..
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  • DUCRAY Sabal Shampoo • 200ml bottle • Controls excess sebum production • Delays oil accumulation • Restores lightness and beauty to hair..
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DUCRAY Squanorm Anti dandruff treatment shampoo Minimizes dry dandruff Contains Piroctone Olamine and Glycerin to fight causes of dandruff Controls yeast proliferation and moisturizes the scalp Eliminates dandruff in 4 weeks Creamy formula, foams nicely, delicate fragrance 84% natural ingredients, biodegradable Leaves hair soft, easy to detangle, supple, and shiny Provides fast and lasting action against dry dandruff Moisturizes and soothes the scalp for extra comfort..
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  • Ducray Squanorm Anti dandruff treatment shampoo • Oily dandruff • 200ml • Eliminates yellowish oily dandruff • Detaches adherent flakes • Lastingly eliminates dandruff • Regulates excessive sebum secretion • Purifying cleansing base • Gentle on hair and scalp..
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  • Ecrinal Anti Hair Loss Ampoules • Intensive Care • 8 Vials • Targets hair loss • Promotes stronger, thicker hair • Infused with potent ingredients • Revitalizes hair follicles • Encourages healthier hair growth cycle • Advanced formula addresses hair loss factors • Strengthens hair strands • Prevents further hair loss • Promotes hair regrowth in thinning areas..
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  • ECRINAL Capsules Fortifiant Ongles/Cheuveux • Hair Loss • Thin, anaemic, and fragile hair • Helps protect against nutritional deficiencies and imbalances • Promotes hair strength and shine • Provides beautiful, soft, strong, shiny, and healthy hair • Box of 30 capsules..
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  • Anti-hair loss lotion for weak and devitalized hair • Helps with anemic scalp and tired hair • Suitable for cases of hair loss in children, pregnant & lactating women • Use as maintenance after Ecrinal ampules treatment course • Use with Ecrinal Anp 2 + Fortifying Shampoo for best results...
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  • Anti-hair loss lotion for weak and devitalized hair • Specifically designed for men • Daily use for anemic scalp and tired hair • Safe and well-tolerated, suitable for use in children • Can be used to maintain results of Ecrinal ampules treatment..
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  • Etiaxil Deo Shampoo fights excessive perspiration • 2-in-1 cleansing and deodorizing action for sweaty scalps • Dual-complex formulation tackles moisture-prone scalps and oily hair • Probiotic complex balances skin flora and neutralizes odours • Fluidipure complex rebalances and soothes scalps • Gently cleanses scalp and regulates sebum • Leaves a refreshing Bamboo Sap fragrance that lasts all day • Reduces the need to wash hair frequently • Suitable for sensitive skin with physiological pH • Dermatologist-approved...
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  • Stimulates hair growth • Enriched with repairing and stimulating ingredients • Limits hair loss • Provides shine and radiance to the hair • Complete leave-in hair care • Fights against hair loss • Boosts hair growth • Strengthens and repairs the hair • Deeply nourishes the hair..
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  • Garnier Ultra Doux HairFood Mask Jar Aloe Coconut 390ml • 98% Natural Origin and 100% Vegan Blends • Super Food Extracts for Super Hair • Moisturizing Aloe Vera & Coconut blend • 3-in-1 hair mask for Normal Hair • Hot Oil Bath, Mask, or leave-in Cream options • Up to 4 times shinier hair after first use • 98% natural and biodegradable formula • 100% vegan and Silicone-free..
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  • Garnier Ultra Doux HairFood Mask Jar Banana 390ml • 98% Natural Origin and 100% Vegan Blends • Enriched with Super Food Extracts for Super Hair • Ultimate blend of banana & Shea for nourishment • 3-in-1 treatment for dry hair • Up to 4 times less breakage after first use • Biodegradable formula, silicone-free...
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  • Garnier Ultra Doux HairFood Mask Jar Macadamia • 98% Natural Origin, 100% Vegan • Enriched with Super Food Extracts • Ultimate blend of Smoothing Coconut & Macadamia • 3-in-1 hair mask treatment for Frizzy and Unruly Hair • Can be used as a Hot Oil Bath, Mask, or leave-in Cream • Leaves hair up to 4 times smoother after first use • Biodegradable formula, Silicone-free..
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  • Garnier Ultra Doux HairFood Mask Jar Papaye 390ml • 98% Natural Origin and 100% Vegan Blends • Enriched with Super Food Extracts for Super Hair • Repairs and nourishes damaged hair • 3-in-1 treatment: Hot Oil Bath, Mask, or leave-in Cream • Up to 50% reduction in split ends after first use • 98% natural origin and biodegradable formula • 100% vegan and silicone-free..
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  • Antidandruff shampoo • For oily hair and moderate dandruff • Relieves itching and scaly scalp • Contains keracyl complex (1%) • Contains octopirox (0.5%) for specific activity against Malassezia • Contains zincidone (0.5%) as a sebum regulator and antimicrobial • Combines antifungal, keratolytic, kerato-regulator, and emollient agents • Reduces seborrhea • Limits microbial activity • Reduces inflammation and itching • Eliminates scaly skin • For use two to three times a week • Suitable for kids starting from 3 years old • Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women..
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  • Improves hair quality and prevents hair loss • Contains Methionine, Cystine, Biotin, Folic acid, and Silicium • Includes 2 types of algae for protein and mineral content • Formulated to enhance hair density, plasticity, and solidity..
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  • Klorane Camomille Brightening Spray Leave In 125ml • Adds natural sunny highlights to blond to light-brown hair • Ultimate hair lightening product • No bleaching agents used • Completely natural and controlled results..
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  • KLORANE Mango Butter Day Cream 125ml • Apply to hair lengths and ends • No rinsing required • Style as usual • Contains Mango Seed Butter and Tocopheryl Acetate • Suitable for towel-dried or dry hair • Professional fragrance • Contains Geraniol and Linalool • Phenoxyethanol as a preservative • Includes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 for added color...
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  • KLORANE Mango Butter Repairing Mask • 150ml • Intense moisture treatment • 8x concentration of Mango butter • Long lasting nourishment • Restores hydration to dry hair..
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  • Iconic micro diffuser hairspray • Used by top stylists • 24H hold with natural shine • Protects against humidity • Brush out for clean, restyle-ready hair • No stiffness, stickiness, or residue..
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  • L'oreal Paris Elnett Normal Hold hairspray • Iconic brand used by professional stylists • Achieve desired hairstyle with natural hair movement and shine • No stiffness, stickiness, or visible residue • Protects style against humidity for up to 24 hours • Brushes out easily, leaving hair clean and ready to restyle..
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  • L'Oréal Paris Elnett Strong Hold hairspray • Iconic micro diffuser hairspray for hold and natural shine • Protects against humidity for up to 24 hours • Never stiff or crunchy • Controls flyaways, holds curls, and resists humidity • Brush out for clean hair ready to restyle • No stiffness, stickiness, or visible residue • Achieve desired hairstyle with Elnett Strong Hold & Shine Hairspray..
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  • Fortifies weak and devitalised hair • Enhances hair strength, resistance, and shine • Repairs damaged hair ends • Improves hair manageability for easier combing..
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  • Lakme K.Therapy Bio Argan Oil • Dry, light-textured oil • Absorbed instantly without overburdening • Suitable for all hair types • True, natural shine • Velvety feel • Spectacular silky hair • Moisturizing • Treats split ends • Softens the cuticle • Tames frizziness..
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  • Lakme K.Therapy Bioargan Mask • 100% organic argan oil • Deeply moisturizes and nourishes hair • Restores shine, softness, and elasticity • Protects against environmental aggressions • Anti-breakage resistance • Suitable for all hair types..
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  • Lakme K.Therapy Bioargan Mask Travel Size • 100% organic argan oil • Deeply moisturizing and nourishing • Restores shine, softness, and elasticity • Protects against environmental aggressions • Anti-breakage resistance • Suitable for all hair types..
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  • Lakme K.Therapy Repair Nourishing Mask • Nourishes and hydrates scalp and dry hair • Suitable for dry and very dry hair • Makes hair easier to comb..
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  • Intensive action concentrate • Nourishes and hydrates hair deeply • Eases hair disentanglement and combing • Leaves hair with a silky feel • Provides deep conditioning and softening effect on dry hair..
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  • Lakme TEKNIA FULL DEFENSE MIST 300ml • Protective conditioner spray for stressed hair • Offers immediate protection against pollution, UV rays • Conditions hair and adds natural shine..
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  • All-day protection against pollution & UV rays • Repairs hair fiber & restores moisture • Adds exceptional shine • Instantly detangles hair..
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  • Lakme Teknia Full Defense Treatment • Protective moisturizing mask treatment • Restores stressed hair fibers • Provides exceptional shine..
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  • Intense, moisturizing treatment • Suitable for all hair types • Nourishes hair fiber • Provides natural silky, shiny, and elastic hair...
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  • Repairs and protects blonde hair • Enhances natural shine and luminosity • Suitable for all types of blonde and white hair..
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  • Lakme Ultra Copper Treatment Refresh • Color refreshing mask for copper hair • Repairs and protects hair fiber • Provides extra shine and prolongs color intensity • Antioxidant and coloring properties • Protects color and adds vibrancy • Acts as cellular concrete in keratin and restructures damaged hair • Rebuilds hair fiber from within • Restores richness of color and highlights..
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  • Moisturizes and repairs hair • Provides soft hair with vibrant color • Offers conditioning and protective effect • Provides ultra soft hair that is easy to manage • Protects the scalp • Boosts color intensity • Revives richness of color and highlights..
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  • Treatment for alopecia, hair loss, and brittle nails • High intake of sulfur amino acids (methionine and cystine): 400mg/day • Complete formula with rich protein content • Contains Spirulina (65% protein, 30% minerals, and vitamins) • Helps regulate appetite and reduce hunger • Includes Biotin • Suitable for ages 8-10 and above..
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  • Medinfar Provivax Aha shampoo for frequent use • Specifically designed for devitalized, fine, brittle hair • Ideal for hair subjected to anti-hair loss treatments or scaling • Enriched with alpha-hydroxyl acids, d-panthenol, and mild surfactants • Provides effective and gentle scalp hygiene • Restorative, repairing, nourishing, and volumizing action • Maintains a physiological pH of 5.5..
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  • MedinfarTrikare C • Shampoo complement for hair loss treatments • For Androgenic alopecia, Telogen effluvium, Hair loss • Strengthens fine and brittle hair • Dual action: anti-hair loss and cosmetic effects..
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  • Prevents and eliminates cradle cap • Soothes discomfort • Effective cream for babies with cradle cap • Works to soothe irritated skin • Helps to maintain a healthy scalp for infants..
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  • Ethical Shea Butter and shea oil for intense nourishment • Ideal for very dry, damaged hair • Contains precious quince pectins to protect hair • Regenerates and nourishes deeply • Rich, creamy texture with a sensuous fragrance • 100% natural-origin active ingredients • Silicone-free • Size: 200ml Jar mask..
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  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 100ml • Iconic dry oil No. 1 in French pharmacies • Nourishes, repairs, and beautifies face, body, and hair • Enriched with highly nourishing Tsubaki oil • Anti-oxidant and anti-pollution effect • Reduces appearance of stretch marks..
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  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Floral 100ml • Multi-purpose dry oil • nourishes and beautifies Face, Body, and Hair • Sheer bliss of nourished skin..
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  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or 100ml • Shimmering version with mineral particles • Nourishes and leaves a satin finish • Illuminates skin and hair • Convenient all-in-one solution..
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Rene Furterer - Okara Blond Brightening Spray The detangling leave-in spray that progressively brightens the hair by one tone. The brightening spray detangles instantly and enhances the radiance of natural, highlighted or bleached blond hair. It gradually lightens blonde hair and helps to repair and protect hair. Silicone-free.   Brand: Rene Furterer Ingredients: extract okara, refletlumieretm Efficiacy:  Immediately shiny hair Hair easy to detangle..
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Rene Furterer - Okara Color Enhancing Leave-in Spray The detangling leave-in spray with UV protection   This multi-benefit spray instantly detangles, enhances and gives long-lasting protection to the radiance of colored, dyed hair. It prolongs color vibrancy for up to 6 weeks. Light and non-greasy texture.  Ingredients: Extract okara, extract witch hazel. Efficiacy:  Longlasting radiance protection of color-treated hair Up to 6 weeks prolongation of color vibrancy..
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Rene Furterer - Okara protect Protect Color Radiance Enhancing Mask Jar Okara Protect Color radiance enhancing mask provides in-depth repair to color-treated hair and helps prolong color intensity with a duo of exclusive, customized key ingredients. Hamamelis extract, a powerful botanical pigment-fixing agent, captures and maintains color. Rich in amino acids similar to those in keratin, natural Okara extract helps to repair damaged hair. Results: hair color stays radiant for longer. Hair is silky smooth and detangled.   97% natural-origin active ingredients Silicone-free Benefits: Helps repair the damaged fibers of color-treated hair Protects color and ehances radiance for up to 8 weeks Indication: Colored hair, sensitive hair. Size: 200ml Jar mask  ..
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Rene Furterer - Triphasic Progressive Anti-hair Loss Treatment Effective and comprehensive treatment for progressive hair loss. In progressive hair loss, the hair cycles shorten and the hair capital thins out prematurely. The TRIPHASIC PROGRESSIVE formula, with 3 active phases, acts in the three decisive stages of the hair's life cycle (Birth, Growth, Maturity) to slow down hair loss, stimulate growth and extend the life of the hair. From the 1st month, hair density increases and the scalp is less visible. + 7,490 hairs after 3 months of treatment. No. 1 anti-hair loss treatment in France   Twice/week 1st month, then once/week 2 kits = one 3-month treatment Ingredients: extract biotrinne, extract pfaffia, extract curbicia, extract bitter orange, extract liquorice Efficiacy: Limits hair loss Stronger hair  Well-being after application with its exclusive massage tip..
$88.10 $125.71
Rene Furterer - Volumea Volumizing Foam Mousse The creamniess of a mousse with supple and lightweight hold   The Volumea Volumizing foam adds volume and structure to fine hair. Soft and shiny, fine hair achieves controlled volume. Blowouts made easy. Ingredients: extract carob Efficiacy:  Long-lasting volume  Anti-static effect..
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  • RENE FURTERER 5 Sens Hair & Body Dry Oil 100ml • 5 sens enhancing shampoo • Awakens senses • Exquisite, airy, creamy lather • Gently cleanses hair • Enriched with 5 natural-origin plant oils • Suitable for frequent daily use • Leaves hair soft, light, and silky • 100% natural-origin active ingredients • Silicone-free formulation • Size: 100 ml bottle..
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Rene Furterer = Karité Intense Nourishing Day Cream Leave-in   René Furterer Karité Nutri Intense Nourishing Day Cream is an intensely nourishing leave-in cream that allows very dry hair to recover its radiance and shine. This luxurious beauty product, made from 100% natural ingredients, nourishes and enhances very dry hair everyday, thanks to its rich blend of ethically sourced shea oil from Burkina Faso, a legendary natural ingredient that provides intense nourishment, and cimentrio, a natural complex derived from soya that offers unrivaled protection against external aggressions.   The perfect complement to any styling routine, this no-rinse cream leaves the hair easy to style, infinitely supple and light. Texture: cream Hair issues: dryness, dehydration, long and tired hair Time of application: before styling Age: 10+ Hair type: very dry hair Main bene..
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  • RENE FURTERER Absolue Kératine Repairing Shampoo • Repairs damaged and over-processed hair • Contains 3 natural-origin restorative ingredients • Plant-based keratin fills cracks and supports hair's structure • Biocymentine reinforces hair structure and seals cuticles • Camelina oil nourishes damaged and brittle hair • Restores resilience, detangles, and leaves hair soft, bouncy, and shiny • Suitable for damaged, over-processed hair • Contains amino acids similar to hair keratin • 100% natural-origin active ingredients • Silicone-free and sulfate-free • Size: 200ml bottle..
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  • Sublime Renewal Cream for damaged hair • Restores hair's resilience • Fills cracks and supports hair structure • Reinforces hair structure and seals cuticles • Nourishes hair with omega-3 fatty acids • Retexturizes extremely damaged hair • Visibly enhances hair's original beauty • Protected, easy-to-style hair • Contains amino acids similar to hair keratin • 100% natural-origin ingredients • Silicone-free • 100ml bottle size • Leaves hair soft, supple, and radiant..
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  • Reverses damage from coloring, chemical techniques, and heat styling • Contains 3 natural-restorative ingredients: plant-based keratin, biocymentine, and camelina oil • Ultra-concentrated formula restores hair's natural beauty • Visibly strengthens and makes hair resilient • Provides easy-to-detangle and radiant hair • Reduces damage and breakage • Contains amino acids similar to hair keratin • 100% satisfaction guaranteed • Tested on 60 women for 4 weeks • Contains 100% natural-origin active ingredients • Silicone-free • Size: 200ml Jar mask • Transforms hair from the very first application..
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  • RENE FURTERER complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Extract Essential Oils • 50ml bottle • Optimal scalp and hair health • Pre-shampoo warming concentrate • Deeply cleanses and purifies scalp • Restores balance to the scalp • Reveals naturally beautiful hair • Precise dosage for application • Exclusive targeted scalp massager tip included • Increases microcirculation • Boosts penetration of active ingredients • For normal to oily scalps..
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  • 100% natural ingredients • Deeply nourishes and regenerates very dry, damaged hair • Leaves hair supple and shiny • Easy to rinse out • Suitable for normal, dry, and damaged hair • Regenerates hair and moisturizes the scalp • Sulfate-free formulation • Comes in a 100ml bottle...
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  • Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Night Cream • Leave-in cream for dry and very dry hair • Provides 8 hours of intense nourishment • Contains ETHICAL Shea oil and butter • Melts into hair overnight for long-lasting nourishment and repair • Leaves hair soft, supple, and shiny • Use 2 to 3 times per week • No rinse required • 100% natural-origin active ingredients..
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  • Concentrated serum for anti-hair loss • Rapidly reactivates hair growth • Slows down hair loss • Fights vascular and nutritional factors responsible for hair loss • Contains pfaffia extract, methionine, vitamins, minerals, and ATP • Proven 84% effectiveness and satisfaction • Tested in vitro under dermatological control • 100% natural-origin active ingredients • Silicone-free • Launches hair regrowth • Visibly stronger, more robust, and denser hair • Size: 12 x 5 ml ampoules..
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  • Complement to anti-hair loss treatments, such as triphasic Progressive or RF 80 • Contains ATP and natural-origin Pfaffia extract for hair growth • Stimulates cutaneous microcirculation • Intensifies supply of nutrients and energy for strong hair growth • Strengthens existing hair • Easy to detangle • Leaves hair soft and shiny • Silicone-free • Suitable for all hair types • Size: 200ml..
$21.10 $30.00
  • Unisex hair enhancer for fine, thinning, and compromised hair • Volumizes and strengthens hair • Defends against breakage and brittleness • Nourishes scalp for healthy hair growth...
$168.82 $241.03
  • Revox B77 Just Hyaluronic Acid for Hair • Hydrating serum for dry hair and scalp • 2% Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes strands, leaving them smooth and shiny • Enriched with Betaine and Panthenol for soothing and moisture retention • Silicone-free formula absorbs into scalp without oily sensation..
$11.70 $16.57
  • Hair density serum • Tones & stimulates follicles • Promotes hair thickness • Advanced formulation with Biotinoyl Tripeptide • Fuller, denser, and stronger hair • Keratrix complex improves hair condition • Silicone-free formula • Absorbs without greasy sensation..
$14.10 $20.00
  • Revox B77 Salicylic Acid for oily, acne-prone scalp • 2% BHA for gentle exfoliation and purification • Controls excessive sebum production • Fights head acne • Contains Tea Tree Oil for calming effect • Moisturizing Betaine for healthier scalp and hair • Lightweight and silicone-free formula • Non-greasy sensation when applied...
$11.70 $16.57
  • Step 7 of REVOX B77 PLEX Hair Rebuilding System • Concentrated yet lightweight oil for silky finish • Repairs damaged hair and reduces breakage • Minimizes frizz without weighing hair down • Promotes color vibrancy for glossy appearance • Strengthens and protects strands, detangles hair • Protects from heat styling and external factors • Leaves hair smoother and silkier after first use..
$13.10 $18.57
  • Step 6 of REVOX B77 PLEX Hair Rebuilding System • Concentrated leave-in cream • Repairs and protects damaged hair • Provides sleek, frizz-free finish • Reduces drying time when used before heat styling • Defines and conditions air-dried curls • Enhances bounce of curls • Hair feels smoother and silkier after first use..
$13.10 $18.57
  • Step 3 of Revox B77 Plex Hair Rebuilding System • Replenishes damaged and color-treated hair • Restores bonds in hair fiber • Improves texture and protects hair structure • Makes hair stronger, shinier, and smoother • Concentrated professional product • Ideal for damaged and color-treated hair..
$24.10 $34.29
  • Revuele Ampoules Active Hair Concentrate • Enriched with active ingredients for healthier hair • Nourishes scalp and roots • Facilitates hair growth • Prevents hair loss • Increases hair density..
$9.10 $12.86
  • Revuele Ampoules Active Hair Concentrate (Collagen+ Damage Repair) • Enriched with multiple active ingredients • Revitalizes damaged hair and prevents fragility • Nourishes hair fibers in deeper layers • Leaves hair smooth and shiny..
$9.10 $12.86
  • In-depth care and heat protection for damaged hair • Helps recover and strengthen dry, weak, and color-treated hair • Leaves hair smooth and shiny without weighing it down • Use alongside other REVUELE Argan Oil hair products for best results..
$8.10 $11.43
  • Repairs and strengthens damaged hair • Restores dry and damaged hair • Solves split ends and breakage • Works best with other REVUELE Argan Oil hair products..
$8.60 $12.14
  • Revuele BIOTIN HAIR AMPOULES 8x5ml • Strengthens hair from roots • Prevents hair loss • Nourishes and protects hair • Stimulates scalp • Increases density..
$9.00 $12.86
  • Coco oil hair mask • Infused with Coconut Oil and Extract • Strengthens and hydrates hair • Leaves hair softly scented • Smooths and repairs damaged hair • Suitable for dry and damaged hair..
$9.10 $12.86
  • In-depth care for all hair types • Restores natural shine, strength, and hydration • Smooths hair structure and seals damaged ends • Works best when used with other Revuele Coconut Oil hair products..
$7.60 $10.71
  • In-depth care and heat protection • Restores natural shine, strength, and hydration • Leaves hair silky smooth without weighing it down • Suitable for all hair types • Best results when used with other REVUELE Coconut Oil hair products..
$5.60 $7.86
  • Provides in-depth care for all hair types • Intensively boosts and hydrates with rich composition • Strengthens and makes hair manageable • Provides complete nourishment • Use with other Revuele Coconut Oil hair products for best results..
$8.10 $11.43
  • Revuele Hair Mask Color Gloss & Protect • Specially designed for colored hair • Contains Silk Protein for intensive nourishment and color restoration • Liquid silk penetrates deep into the hair, nourishing and moisturizing it • Forms a protective film on the hair surface for improved appearance and radiance • Provides in-depth nourishment, making hair smooth, elastic, and shiny • Facilitates easy combing without weighing down hair..
$10.10 $14.29
  • Revuele Hair Mask Extra Volume • Specially designed for thin, weakened, and volume-less hair • Contains Baicapil Complex for thicker and more voluminous hair • Arginine stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss • D-panthenol promotes intense nutrition and pH balance • Nourishes and protects hair from external damage • Results in shinier and healthier-looking hair..
$10.10 $14.29
  • Revuele Hair Mask Total Repair For Damaged, Brittle And Dry Hair • Specially developed with Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ceramides • Restores natural moisture level in hair • Repairs hair structure from roots to tips • Improves nutrition and color fastness for dyed hair • Eliminates dryness and brittleness • Coats and penetrates hair, making it silky, supple, and easy to comb • Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes and strengthens hair structure • Adds invigorating moisture and normalizes moisture balance • Provides elasticity to hair...
$10.10 $14.29
  • For thin, damaged, and weakened hair • Promotes a healthy scalp • Strengthens hair • Increases hair elasticity..
$8.10 $11.43
  • Revuele Liquid Facial Exfoliant 7% AHA/PHA Blend + HA 125ml • Ultra-gentle daily smoothing solution • Contains delicate peeling acids • Supports natural skin renewing process • Evens out skin tone and texture • Ideal for dry skin • Reveals smoother, softer, and purified complexion..
$7.10 $10.00
  • Defines and styles curly hair • Lightweight formula • Eliminates frizz • Holds curls in place • Hydrates and nourishes hair..
$6.00 $8.43
  • Defines and enhances curls • Targets dry and brittle ends • Revitalizes damaged and weak curls • Restores shine • Creates a protective layer for strands..
$7.10 $10.00
• Reviving mask for curly hair• Restores hydration, health, and shine• Strong yet gentle formula• Revitalizes dry and dull hair• Transforms hair completely• Brings back natural wave structure..
$7.00 $7.70
  • Revuele Oil Care Nourishing Balm • Creamy and nourishing • Infused with Coconut Oil and Extract • Strengthens and hydrates hair • Leaves hair softly scented • Smooths and repairs • Suitable for dry and damaged hair..
$7.10 $10.00
  • Uriage D.S Hair Shampoo Antipelliculaire • Innovative shampoo range with French Alps Thermal Water • Eliminates dry or oily dandruff • Purifies the scalp and soothes itching • Leaves hair soft, beautiful, and shiny • Patented TLR2-regul technology soothes and protects the scalp • Contains Uriage Thermal Water and Edelweiss • Piroctone olamine and zinc lactate combat and prevent excess Malassezia..
$14.20 $20.14
  • Restores and thickens dull, fine, limp hair • Addresses hair aging and environmental aggressions • Enriched with Rhamnose and Ceramide for increased thickness and density • Locks in nutrients and strengthens hair fibers • Recommended by dermatologists for daily or frequent use • Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Oil-Free, Silicone-Free..
$18.39 $26.13
  • Vichy Dercos Nutrients Nutri-Protein Mask • For dry and damaged hair • Contains pracaxi oil and quinoa bran • Nourishes and restores hair fiber • Enhances luminous reflection • Ideal for women seeking nutrition..
$16.82 $23.89
DUCRAY Squanorm Anti dandruff zinc lotion 200ml DUCRAY Squanorm Anti dandruff zinc lotion 200ml
Out Of Stock
  • DUCRAY Squanorm Anti-dandruff zinc lotion • 200ml size • Soothing lotion • Fights dandruff • Suitable for all hair types • Complements anti-dandruff shampoos • Relieves itching and discomfort • Use between washes..
$16.00 $22.86
Lakme Teknia Frizz Control Cream
Out Of Stock
  • Lakme Teknia Frizz Control Cream • Use on wet hair • No need to rinse • Contains organic extra virgin chia oil • High concentration of hyaluronic acids • Includes high-tech resins..
$21.65 $30.79
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