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50 Feet Expanding Magic Hose 50 Feet Expanding Magic Hose
-28 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ST-177
1. Revolutionary 2-in-1 hoseUnique 2-in-1 design features a tough rubber inner hose covered in durable super-strong webbing.2. Durable & ReliableSuper-strong webbing stays strong in all types of weather...
$6.50 $9.00
Brand: Waffershop Model: AE-9
Aromatherapy Fragrance Lasting Deodorization Bathroom Supplies Bedroom Wardrobe Car Home Toilet Deodorant Solid Round FresherWeight: 13gPhysical form: solidFunction: fresh air..
$3.00 $3.30
Brand: Beper Model: SK-C206UTI004
YOU WILL RECEIVE: 40 pieces plastic clips with iron spring in 3 colors; yellow, white and blue HIGH QUALITY: Heavy duty clothes pegs, made of hard, sturdy plasticRELIABLE: Reliable grippers in daily use to prevent clothes, clothes and sheets from fallingCLOTHES PEGS: Perfect pegs to be used on the drying rack / clothesline for perfect dryingIRON SPRING: The clamp is made up of a very strong iron spring, capable of withstanding multiple usesWeight: 100g..
$6.00 $6.60
Brand: Beper Model: SK-P202VAL100
Innovative nebulizer spray which, thanks to the electrolysis process, is able to produce a disinfectant solution based on sodium hypochlorite.Sodium hypochlorite has numerous applications, from agriculture to food and pharmaceutical industries, and is frequently used for the purification and disinfection of the home.200 ml of water and 10 grams of kitchen salt will be enough, and in 5 minutes it will be possible to obtain a sanitizing solution for cleaning and disinfection of the home and rooms.Working by USB cable (included) allows the use in any situation, even in the office and on the trip. With automatic switch-off timer after 5 minutes, for maximum safety.USB 200ML 5MIN AUTO SHUT-OFF 99.9% GREM FREEDimensions (WxDxH): 11x7,8x21,6cmWeight: 1,15kg..
$31.00 $34.10
Brand: Beper Model: SK-P202VAL002
Microfiber cloth to easily clean every surface. The fabric, combined with the power of the steam, is able to easily eliminate any type of dirt, grease and dry. After use, the cloth can be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 ° C, so that it can be reused later.Dimensions (WxDxH): 17x18x1cmWeight: 0,04kg..
$6.00 $6.60
Brand: Beper Model: SK-P202VAL110
Compact sprayer, handy and easy to use, ideal to nebulize sanitizing and disinfecting solutions, but also pesticide and insecticide solutions, or detergent solutions. Powerful 2000 mAh battery rechargeable with USB cable included. Ideal for home, office, but also suitable for public environments such as bars, stores, restaurants, gyms, etc. 120 ml tank.Dimensions (WxDxH): 30,6X23,3X17,6cmEstimated Weight: 0.5kg..
$63.00 $69.00
Brand: Beper Model: SK-50.550
Rechargeable glass cleaner with double 100ml tank for clean and dirty water. Easy to use: clean water is sprayed onto the glass, the surface is cleaned with a microfibre cloth and sucked. Possibility of use with detergents. High efficiency lithium battery with an autonomy of about 2 hours. Machine washable microfibre cloth and 100ml graduated dispenser included. Ergonomic handle for easy gripDimensions (WxDxH): 13,4x12x30,3cmWeight: 0,89kg..
$49.00 $53.90
Ekomis Colorful Sponge 10pcs Ekomis Colorful Sponge 10pcs
-47 %
Brand: Sharweh Model: SU-39131
Ekomis Colorful Sponge 10pcs • Ekomis Colorful Sponges (10pcs)• Kitchen essentials• Assorted colorful sponges• Pack of 10 sponges• Convenient and versatile• Ideal for various kitchen tasks• Durable and long-lasting• Easy to clean and maintain• Perfect addition to any kitchen..
$0.80 $1.50
Model: su-118
Ez jet water cannon • All-in-one garden hose attachment• Eight settings from mist to power spray• Built-in dispenser for soap or fertilizer• Easily attaches to garden hoses..
$8.00 $8.80
leifheit Clean Home
-53 %
Brand: Leifheit Model: ft-238162
LF 41533 Duster XL pink blue lagoon..
$7.00 $15.00
Plastic Cleaning Brush
-34 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ST-I9
Alti Home, Plastic Cleaning Brush With Liquid Soap Dispenser, Self Dispensing Cleaning Brush - Color Randomly ChosenMaterial PlasticBristle Colour MultiBristle Material NylonBristle Stiffness Medium, HardBrush Type Wheel BrushAutomation Grade Manual..
$2.50 $3.80
Scratch Anet Up & Down Three Times Instant Dry
-25 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ST-505
Scratch Anet Up & Down Three Times Instant DryMop free hand washing since the filter cleaning easily aseptic high quality product with 2 scratch mop big size..
$15.00 $20.00
Soap Pump and Sponge Caddy
New -33 %
Brand: Waffershop Model: ST-EPONGE
Soap Pump and Sponge Caddy2-in-1 Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Caddy. -Grippy feet help keep the unit steady on countertops.-It holds up to 380ml of dish soap and dispenses the perfect amount directly onto the included sponge. -Keep sponges out of the sink, high and dry with this caddy...
$2.70 $4.00
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